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Fee Schedule

Download the latest fee schedule (PDF – new window/tab).

ATM Fees Fee Amount
ATM Card Replacement $5.00*
Withdrawals (non-HEFCU ATMs) $2.00*
Balance Inquiry (non-HEFCU ATMs) $1.00*
Denied ATM/Debit Card Transactions inc. POS (non-HEFCU ATMs) $2.00*
International ATM Transaction Fee 1% of Transaction Amount
ATM Only Cardholder Fee (monthly) $1.00
Checking Account Fees Fee Amount
Closed Account (Abuse) $10.00
Copy of Check $3.00
Courtesy Pay Fee (per item) $30.00
NSF Deposit (per item) $30.00
Overdraft Coverage (per item) $2.00
Stop Payment (per item) $15.00*
Stop Paymment (range) $25.00*
IRA Account Fees Fee Amount
Annual Fee $15.00*
Closed or Transferred Account $35.00
Money Market Fees Fee Amount
Low Balance (monthly) - charged if balance falls below minimum $10.00
Loan Fees Fee Amount
Cancellation or Denial Fee $10.00 per applicant
Home Equity Loan Application Contact Credit Union
Home Equity Loan Reimbursement Fee Contact Credit Union
Home Equity Subordination Fee $100.00
Non-Sufficient Funds - NSF (per item) $30.00
VISA Credit Card Fees Fee Amount
Cancellation or Denial Fee $10.00 per applicant
Late Payment Classic $15.00; Platinum $25.00
Returned Payment $25.00
Credit Card Replacement $5.00*
Priority Express Delivery Credit Card Request $20.00
Other Fees Fee Amount
Account Verification $10.00
ACH - Outgoing $5.00
Bad Address (monthly) $10.00
Certified Mail $6.00
Copy of Account Statement (per statement cycle; available for most recent 6 years only) $5.00
Copy of check $10.00
Dormant Account (monthly) - charged on accounts with no activity for more than 1 year and Relationship balance less than $1,000 $10.00
Federal Express $45.00
Federal Express (Saturday) $55.00
Levies $50.00
Low Balance (monthly) - charged on accounts open for more than 1 year and relationship balance less than $100 $10.00
NJ Escheat Processing Fee $50.00
NSF Preauthorized ACH Debit $30.00
Request to have check mailed (under $100) $5.00
Account Research/Reconciliation $25.00
Excessive Withdrawal Fee Savings and other non-club accounts (excluding IRA/CDs) - for each withdrawal in excess of 4 per calendar quarter $5.00
Club/Insurance Account Transfer/Withdrawal Fee (per item) $5.00
Returned Check $30.00
Shared Branch Convenience Fee (for all withdrawals) $3.00
Shared Branch Convenience Fee (for all deposits) $2.00
Square Processing Fee 3.63% of charged amount
Stop Payment (HEFCU Issued Check) $10.00
Paper Statement Fee (for each periodic paper statement cycle date) $3.50
Wire - Outgoing $25.00*


Fee Schedule effective September 1, 2023
*Refer to HEFCU Reward Schedule (PDF – new window/tab)
Fees Subject to Change Without Notice

  • Auto Loan

    as low as
  • Credit Card

    as low as
  • Home Equity Loans

    as low as
  • Share Secured Loan

    as low as