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This free service is fast, convenient and secure. You can register to receive your statement via online by choosing the link above. Remember, if you opt for this service you will no longer receive a paper copy.  Once you are registered you will receive a confirmation email.  When your statement is ready to be viewed you will receive another email with a hyperlink directing you to the log on page.  You can also click on the icon on our home page to access your eStatements—no need to wait for the email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are E-Statements? E-Statements are simply your account statements in an electronic format. This allows you to print and/or download for future reference. In addition, newsletters, special inserts and other important information are included as attached documents.

Do E-Statements contain the same information as my paper statements? Yes. E-Statements are required to provide you with the same information as the paper statements.

What are the benefits of E-Statements? E-Statements are fast and generally available within 24 hours from the time of processing. In comparison, paper statements are typically delayed due to printing, envelope stuffing, postage and delivery. E-Statements simplify your life with less paper clutter.

Are E-Statements legally admissible? Yes. The E-Statements provided by HEFCU are legally admissible and contain all the required components and disclosures.

What if I change my email address or wish to discontinue the process? Simply click on the E-Statement icon on our home page, log on, click on “Change Registration Information” and select the item you wish to change.

How do I know I successfully registered for E-Statements? Shortly after registering you will receive an email informing you if the account is successfully registered or is pending for some additional information.

What if I forget my User Name or Password? Go to the log-on page and click on the button “Forgot your User Name or Password” to request the information.  The information will be emailed to you.

Is there a fee for using E-Statements? No. In fact the savings produced from our members using this method goes back into higher returns and lower loan rates to all members.

How do I register for E-Statements? Click here or on the eStatement icon on our home page of our website. You will be asked to provide information, including your name, account number, social security number and date of birth, so that your identity can be verified. It is that simple!

Questions? Call us at 1-800-624-3312.